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KUHS DENVER RADIO Streaming Live on Web, Mobile and Tablet

Why Advertise on KUHS? 

KUHS is a radio/TV station based in and serving the Denver, Colorado metro area,
with outreach to the entire world. It is owned by Gee Whiz Computers Technologies, LLC/UHS World Communication. 
Internet radio plays fewer commercials per hour, which results in higher listener attention levels, increasing the ads intended reach.

The KUHS radio station format is music, news, sports, community outreach and talk. 
Our mission is to create and share locally, nationally and internationally,
entertaining and informative content for our listeners around the world! 

With the diversity of our VDJs, hosts and music programming, we've got something to engage every listener! 
Listeners can tune into from any techno device.

Radio Ad Prices for KUHS Denver

We offer 30 second and 60 second spot packages during any or all of our programming, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can choose to air your commercials during particular time slots, specific shows, or spaced out equally during your campaign.

Traditional radio station's estimated ad rate is $190 a spot. KUHS is in a unique position to offer 24/7 coverage at reduced and affordable rates.
Contact the radio station for an exact quote on their current rates.

Host/DJ's may solicit ad/sponsor support. All commercials must be signed off on by by KUHS director. Listed prices are subject to change and Hosts may quote


For more advertising rate information, or to purchase an ad, please contact at or wireless-txt-303-255-0567.

Commercial Advertising / Sponsor Rates:  

Radio Ad Commercial Package - Integrated on air and into the website
Time: 60 Seconds= 160 on air spots (Interspersed, DJ Shout Outs & Specialty Show Placement)
· Social Media Marketing Support (Facebook-Twitter-Linkedin - Instagram)

· SEO-(Push Notifications)

· Two (2) In Studio Interviews. Yearly plan only.
Introduction rate: 

Radio Ad Commercial Package - Integrated on air and into the website
Time: 30 Second = 160 on air spots (Interspersed, DJ Shout Outs & Specialty Show Placement)
· Social Media Marketing Support (Facebook-Twitter-Linkedin - Instagram)

· SEO-(Push Notifications)

· Two (2) In Studio Interviews. Yearly plan only.

KUHS Produced Commercials
KUHS offers our sponsors complete control over the type of ad that is used.
Working together, 
we'll produce a unique ad or submit one that your company
has already created. 
 Bi-Lingual (Spanish ad) produced no extra charge.

Increased consumer interest in finding music online has seen the already profitable industry flourish. 

Forbes Magazine Article
Why Internet Radio is The Biggest Advertising Opportunity of The Future

Make the Digital shift!

Download our KUHS
Ad/Sponsor Package

sponsor rate
Advertise with KUHS - Steve Stazle
00:00 / 00:00
a kuhs produce

Banner Ads 

The KUHS website attracts listening consumers 24/7. Post and link your business logo from our front page or throughout the website. Banner space is positioned throughout the site. Inquire about our sponsor/banner deal.

your ad online as your brand message is being reinforced on-air.

On Air Shout Out (Plugs)

Get your business or project mentioned on air! Shout outs include your name, location, website/contact info and description of the biz/event. You pick your favorite KUHS hosted program or we'll find the best slot to make you shine.
$50 includes one shout-out. *
Prices are subject to change at Hosts discretion.


Front Page Billboard (Click to view)
This ad is prominently located on the Home Page, where all listeners must enter. Includes a link to your web site or ticket outlet. 300 DPI
Contact Henry for price rate.

Event Page (Click to view)

KUHS creative staff comes with over 40 years of experience in music production.
We create a special show page for you.
Poster Placement - $25

Website Link - $10 (Your website or ticket outlet)
Video Link - $15 (You tube or Vimeo)

On Location Live Streaming (Learn more)

On Streaming “LIVE”- $800 for two hours 
with 4g (SOA) camera - 3 person crew includes Host

Submit Your Music

ad event
ad billboard
ad live streamin
ad shout out
  • Payment must be made via credit card, check or on site on a 30 day billing cycle or one year in advance.

  • Payment must be received seven days before your advertisement will air.

  • You can record your own professional advertisement and submit it via MP3 to

  • We can also produce your advertisement. Email your exact content to be included to


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