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Personal injury attorney in Denver, Colorado

Not to brag, but I truly believe that my Mother is the best cook in the world. Bar none, she has a great heart when it comes to making her best cuisine. Her specialty is green chili. In Spanish it's pronounced chile verde.
This homemade chili verde could be the main dish eaten at any given meal, but add a homemade tortilla and a side of frijoles (beans) or a side of fried potatoes or maybe mashed; it was a meal to die for. One of my favorite dishes was smothered bean burritos. So anything you added to the green chili was always a feastcall for your book-Albert Q-

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Nikki Burnett

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“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” – M. Kathleen Casey

Not everyone needs therapy, but everyone can benefit from a coach.  Just as in sports, where the world’s best athletes have coaches. As your coach, Daune focuses on where you are now and then utilizes empowering techniques guiding you to reach your personal and professional goals. For more information on Daune's idi Coaching & Training, visit...

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